Android Mobile App Analytics

Android Mobile App Analytics

Staying One Step Ahead of the Competition

There are well over one million apps available on the Google Play store for Android at the moment, demonstrating both the popularity of Android mobile devices worldwide and the need for Android analytics. These analytics, which can provide insights into your app and detect problems which need fixing, help you stay competitive among competition. With such a variety of apps available, it can be difficult to draw the attention of users and even harder to keep them coming back after they have downloaded your app. Providing these users with the best possible user experience (UX) is key to standing out in the crowded app market.

The Benefit of Visual App Analytics

Appsee officially launched its SDK for Android in early 2015, delivering Android app analytics that enables you to visualize users' actions and understand how they interact with your app. Without the unique insights that a visual analytics tool can provide, there is no real way to completely understand why your app is performing the way it is and why specific users' actions are taken.
Appsee measures app user behavior for a wide variety of devices, OS versions, and ROMs. With such a large number of Android devices available, many of them with different screen resolutions, your app will appear different in each of these devices, OS types, and ROMs, making it extremely difficult to test how the app performs in every single combination they may have. Appsee's analytics allow you to visually understand how your app appears in each version and see how your users engage with it.
Visual analytics tools, unlike traditional Android analytics tools that just provide you with basic data and emphasize key metrics, allowing you dive deeply into your app users' behavior in a multitude of Android-supported platforms.

Improving UX by Understanding User Behavior

UX counts for a lot and making sure users have an uninterrupted experience is of paramount importance to the success of your app.
Appsee's visual analytics enables you to measure, understand, and improve the UX in your app by utilizing its unique features, such as: These features provide you with actionable insights based on users' behavior, and help you understand exactly which problems they are experiencing.
Armed with this knowledge, you can determine what changes need to be made to your app's UX in order to optimize it to the fullest, giving users what they most want. By optimizing the UX, you can increase retention, conversions, and in-app monetization.

Appsee for Android: The Details

Appsee supports more than 30,000 device types and 120,000 ROMs running Android 2.2 and up. We support video recordings on the top 90% of popular Android brands running version 4.1 or above. For additional information, visit our android support page.