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Product Mavens
Being a mobile product manager is tough. We get it. That is why the Appsee Team whipped up this nifty blog full of useful resources and interesting reads for the everyday mobile “Product Maven”. Whether you want an update regarding UX design trends or a step-by-step guide on how to properly onboard your users, this arsenal of awesome information has got it all.
Mobile Masters Magazine
Today’s mobile startup CTO wears a lot of hats. One minute you can be conducting security tests with your QA guys and the next moment be collaborating with your designers on a prototype. That is why the Appsee Team has created this handy “magazine” to serve as a go-to read for the unique mobile startup leader. Of course to fit your variety of responsibilities, this site covers a wide range of topics. From gathering key insights and experiences from acclaimed CTOs to sharing our top tips for shortening your app release cycle- we’ve got you covered.
Appetizers is the only site out there where mobile product managers, developers, marketers and the like, can see an exact break down of every valuable question they should be asking their app analytics system. And you know what’s even better about Appetizers (aside from being delicious)? Each topic is presented as a slick, shareable video. Instead of just telling you what you should ask and why, we understand that it’s much more powerful to SHOW you. At the end of the day our goal is to make your analysis process more informed and optimized, ultimately leading to a better mobile product.
Appsee Company Blog
Stay in the know on all of Appsee's exciting product updates, integrations, and events.