7-Eleven Case Study

Why CLiQQ by 7-Eleven uses Appsee as its key tool for performance and funnel optimization.

Key Results

Increased conversion rate for barcode payment tool.
Eliminated nonfatal usability issues and enhanced user experience.


The CLiQQ app by 7-Eleven Philippines enables customers to earn loyalty points, pay bills, buy pre-paid minutes, redeem rewards, and transact cash-less at any branch nationwide. The App of the leading Philippine convenience retailer, CLiQQ boasts over half a million monthly active users. While 7-Eleven serves up SlurpeesTM️ and BigBite TM️ hot dogs, the CLiQQ app serves a user experience that is all about accessibility, loyalty and convenience.


As a company that aims for continuous optimization, the CLiQQ team regularly utilizes a collection of mobile SDKs to monitor reliability, conversions, and performance. The ePayment feature is a key component of the app. The feature affords users a cash-free way to complete in-store transactions. This is done by presenting an app generated barcode at the checkout register. The team noticed a disproportionally high ratio of payment barcodes generated in app against completed store transactions.

Conversion funnel drop-offs happen all the time, yet the exact reason as to why they happen is often unknown. It’s easy to assume that a crash might have been the culprit of the interrupted user journey. But how can one be certain?


By using Appsee's conversion funnel tracking (including drop-off user recordings), the CLiQQ team did not need to guess the cause. Appsee automatically flags individual funnel drop-offs and provides sessions recordings for each, which enabled the CLiQQ analytics team to identify why some generated barcodes never converted. The CLiQQ team discovered that users were encountering a host of non-fatal but noteworthy device, connectivity, and versioning issues.

This actionable finding allowed the CLiQQ team to make tangible changes to better provide a seamlessly convenient experience to the user. The result? A significant increase in conversion rate, retention, and satisfied customers.