AutoDoc Case Study

AutoDoc uses Appsee’s mobile app analytics to bolster purchase flows and checkout completion rates.

Key Results


The Company

AutoDoc has established itself as one of the leading online auto parts shops in Europe. With over one million auto part offerings and services in twenty-six countries, customers can count on AutoDoc for quality, variety, and accessibility. In addition, thanks to AutoDoc’s slick Android and iOS apps, automotive professionals can easily research and order any parts they need on the go.

The Challenge

One of the main objectives of the AutoDoc mobile apps team is to ensure that their mobile purchase experience is just as seamless as their desktop offering. The team was in need of a tool that would enable them to deeply examine the purchase experiences of their users and understand the nuances of the user’s behavior on mobile. Other analytics tools could tell them basic usage metrics and conversion rates, but that data only provided them with half the story on their users. To improve optimization and ROI, they wanted to see how users were interacting with the different elements of the app, and how that interaction ultimately affected the user’s’ conversion.

The Solution

The AutoDoc mobile apps team turned to Appsee’s mobile app analytics, to obtain pivotal, qualitative insights on their users’ experiences.

With Appsee’s user recordings tool, they monitored their users’ purchase flow, identified where users were leaving quickly, and most importantly understood why some users were leaving.

For example, by watching a series of user session recordings including the payment screen, the team discovered that a select amount of users were struggling with adding their shipping address. This was because the design and location of the button for adding the address was not intuitive to several users.

The AutoDoc team pinpointed this cause and effect matter, adjusted the button design, and as a result, instantly saw smoother user flows ending in higher conversion rates. They even utilized user recordings after the design adjustment, to validate the results of their initiative.

Appsee has helped AutoDoc find opportunities for optimization that no other analytics platform had been able to provide. The AutoDoc team continues to utilize Appsee as their key user experience and performance analysis tool, as they work to provide the ultimate mobile experience for their users.