Hudl Case Study

Hudl increases user retention and decreases crash ratio with the help of Appsee's analytics.

Key Results

Increased 1-week retention by 75%
Increased average session length by 1:30min
INCREASED AVERAGE SESSION LENGTH BY 1:30MIN - Decreased the crash ratio by 60%

The Company

Hudl provides sports video software for coaches, athletes and teams, allowing them to improve their performance by using video analysis tools from any compute or mobile device.

The Challenge

Hudl wanted to better understand how users interact with their app and what causes the app to crash, in order to provide a smoother and better user experience, which will result in increased retention and engagement.

The Solution

Appsee, a qualitative in-app analytics solution, enabled Hudl to obtain valuable, visual context behind their app’s crashes. Instead of having to spend many hours sorting through crash logs and attempting to reproduce crashes, Hudl was able to watch user recordings and understand instantly why a particular crash occurred. Specifically, the single session user recordings allowed Hudl to see the exact sequence of user actions that caused a crash. Once obtaining the ability to pinpoint and squash these bugs quickly and accurately, Hudl decreased their crash rate by a notable 60% and as a result also improved their user retention and engagement.