Joytunes Case Study

JoyTunes uses Appsee to improve retention, usability and conversions.

Key Results

INCREASED RETENTION BY 25% - for 1 week and 1 month user
INCREASED THE NUMBER OF USERS THAT GET TO ADVANCED LEVELS BY 20% - after introducing a 'tutorial' page
INCREASED THE USAGE OF PRACTICE OPTIONS - after introducing 'in-level' practice options
IMPROVED USABILITY, USER EXPERIENCE - and eliminated users' frustration

The Company

JoyTunes is reinventing the way people learn music, making it possible for anyone to play a musical instrument.

The Challenge

JoyTunes is an innovative company which uses the power of gamification and audio technology to revolutionize the way people learn and practice music. JoyTunes wanted to better understand their users, eliminate usability issues within the app, and increase user retention and in-app conversions.

The Solution

Appsee, a qualitative in-app analytics solution, significantly aided JoyTunes in examining their user experience and identifying usability issues on both the single-user and aggregate level. With Appsee’s user recordings, JoyTunes was able to examine their tutorial/onboarding experience on the single user level and accurately understand how users were behaving within their app. On an aggregate level, JoyTunes utilized Appsee’s touch heatmaps to recognize which specific screens had any usability issues such as unresponsive gestures or “slow time” to first gesture. These types of gesture insights were especially critical in understanding how their diverse user-base interacts with their app as whole and analyzing the user-friendliness of particular lessons.

*Appsee’s terms of service require app publishers to hide all sensitive user information (this can be done with a simple method call). In addition, Appsee automatically hides sensitive information such as emails, password fields and camera views.