Simprints Case Study

Simprints utilizes Appsee's mobile app analytics to obtain crucial user feedback.

Key Results


The Company

Simprints is a unique nonprofit tech startup in Cambridge, England that helps NGOs, businesses, and governments fight poverty by solving the underlying ‘identification challenge’. They provide people in the developing world a way to be accurately identified even when they lack formal identification (such as a passport, birth certificate, etc.). The reality worldwide is that 1.5 billion people lack formal identification, which limits their access to many vital services and also hinders organizations’ ability to accurately monitor and evaluate their impact in real time.

Interestingly, the original idea of Simprints originated from a hackathon at the University of Cambridge. The ‘hackers’ recognized a significant gap in biometric technology at the time and thus developed an open-source fingerprint system designed for the world’s toughest settings.

Simprints is truly at the forefront of biometric technology, having done something that has never been done before in the industry. Basically, they have optimized software algorithms for fingerprints of the developing world, which are often scarred, worn, and damaged. The result- a technology that is 228% more accurate than existing technology for this special context.

Specifically, Simprints app is different from other apps because it deals with their own custom hardware, making it harder to produce bullet proof code, which the team said has definitely kept them on their toes! Their app is also not a standalone app. It integrates into the major mobile healthcare platforms like CommCare, ODK, OpenMRS, and other data collection apps which are already being used by organizations around the world.

In recent news, Simprints is very excited about their launch in rural Nepal and in the slums of Bangladesh. They have empowered a multitude of community health workers in those regions by allowing them to accurately identify their beneficiaries anytime, anywhere with the mere touch of a finger. With this new identification capability, health workers have been able to provide consistent and timely care to pregnant mothers to ensure positive outcomes for 55,000 mothers and their babies. Ultimately, Simprints embodies the profound power of mobile technology to do good in the world and evolve antiquated systems.

The Challenge

In order to get valuable user feedback, Simprints often has to rely on second hand information through their implementation partners. Even then, community health workers are typically unlikely or even ashamed to report they had a problem with the Simprints app. Language barriers can also make it difficult to gather precise feedback.

Yet if they wanted to ensure that their UX and UI was truly optimized out in the field, Simprints needed a means of gleaning these crucial user insights.

Therefore, Simprints turned to Appsee’s qualitative analytics to achieve an accurate understanding of how their users are actually experiencing their app, without having to jump through hoops in order to get user comments and criticisms.

The Solution

Thanks to Appsee’s powerful user recordings tool, Simprints was able to visualize exactly how their users were interacting with the app. From watching user recordings of ‘new users’ to see trends in first session user behaviors, to visualizing login usability and navigation, the Simprints team was able to examine every facet of their app’s UX. These unique qualitative insights elso empowered the Simprints team to observe bugs and crashes that their users were experiencing, and how these errors directly affected Simprint’s UX. Specifically when it came to resolving crashes, Simprints could pair Appsee’s visual data with Crashlytic’s robust crash reports (thanks to the two platforms’ integration), and pinpoint the exact user actions that caused a particular crash. Thanks to these insights, within two months they were able to decrease their number of crashes to zero on their app.

It was also very seamless for Simprints to hit the ground running with Appsee. They found integration to be extremely easy via the Fabric plugin, and that adding custom field to capture was quite simple and well documented.

*Appsee’s terms of service require app publishers to hide all sensitive user information (this can be done with a simple method call). In addition, Appsee automatically hides sensitive information such as emails, password fields and camera views.


Appsee is extremely proud to give back to such an innovative and inspirational non-profit like that of Simprints. Our mission is to enable mobile professionals to deliver the utmost exceptional user experience possible, and when that user experience happens to be aiding developing countries in receiving necessary care and resources, the better! We greatly value our work with non-profits and are always intrigued to see what today’s inventive minds are cooking up when it comes to mobile apps and helping the world. We are sure to see big things from Simprints in 2017 and beyond.