Almundo Case Study

Almundo uses Appsee’s mobile app analytics to track their flight booking funnel, identify areas for improvement, and increase conversion rates.

Key Results

Increased Flight Booking Conversion Rates
Identified and Resolved Crashes before a New Release

The Company

Almundo is the First Global Community of Travel Experts. Now, users can plan their trips in a personalized way, according to their tastes/needs.  They can also manage their reservations (with the guaranteed best prices) thanks to the ongoing advice of Almundo experts that specialize in different destinations of the world. These experts provide travelers with unique tips and recommendations to make their experience unforgettable! iOS and Android users can count on Almundo for easy trip discovery, unique travel ideas, and excellent service.

The Challenge

Flight booking is a core feature of the Almundo app. With mobile users’ standards continuing to increase, the Almundo apps team is always on the lookout for ways to enhance the flight booking experience. Yet when it came to optimizing the flight booking funnel, the team only had access to quantitative metrics such as session length and completion rate. They wanted the ability to zoom into specific steps and see why users were dropping off.

Specifically, for their app in Argentina, they needed to gauge the effect of bank card price discrepancies.In Argentina, a new user to a travel app will see an initial airline price for a flight and then an adjusted price once a certain bank card is entered at checkout.

If the Almundo apps team could see how this factor directly affects the funnel and user behavior, they could make targeted edits to their app, improve the booking user experience, and increase conversion rates.

The Solution

The Almundo mobile apps team chose Appsee’s analytics to obtain in-depth conversion funnel insights.

With Appsee’s powerful conversion funnels tool, the team could dive into specific user sessions, watch related user recordings, and see where a user dropped off between booking steps and why. In addition, since Appsee automatically identifies and groups user sessions that had dropped off between specific steps, the Almundo team was able to easily streamline their funnel analysis.

In the case of Argentinian app users, Appsee’s funnel tool showed users’ resulting in-app behaviors after they encountered the flight price difference. This funnel visualization allowed the Almundo team to understand the impact of this price difference on their app’s user experience and conversion rates.

With this deeper awareness, the Almundo team made better, data-informed edits to their funnel flow and improved their rate of booking conversions.