Myposter Case Study

myposter uses Appsee’s mobile app analytics to ensure the highest quality version releases and overall user experience.

Key Results

Improved user retention and reception of new app versions
Optimized critical user flows and increased conversion rates

The Company

myposter’s iOS and Android apps bring the complete experience of a print shop straight to one’s smartphone. With the myposter mobile app, users can select from a wide range of photo/poster products, design and edit their mobile photos on the fly, and order their creations directly to their front door. Loyal patrons of myposter’s eCommerce site and newcomers alike, can count on myposter’s mobile app for easy photo customization and a superb ordering experience.

The Challenge

Thanks to smartphone camera technology having obsoleted the personal digital camera, more users are storing their photos on their phone than ever before. Naturally, many of these users would also like to create physical versions of these photos. The myposter mobile app aims to serve this need, and keep pace with users’ ever-increasing UX standards.

In order to do this, the myposter apps team wanted to better understand their users’ behaviors and improve troubleshooting after new version releases.With any app release, there can be errors that sneak past the testing phase and only reveal themselves when the new version is live.If not solved quickly and correctly, it can lead to user frustration and lower conversion rates. They needed an analytics platform that would allow them to monitor their apps’ overall user experience and proactively tackle issues following a new release.

The Solution

myposter counts on Appsee’s qualitative analytics to obtain powerful insights on their app’s UX. Specifically, the UI and UX teams utilize Appsee as a key research and benchmarking tool.

With Appsee’s touch heatmaps and conversion funnel features, they are able to pinpoint opportunities for optimization in new versions of their app and quickly identify any errors in the navigation or checkout process.They also utilize user session recordings to zoom into specific user sessions and analyze users’ interactions with new features and / or UI elements.

This actionable user feedback helps them adjust their app according to user expectations and establish the smoothest purchase flow possible.With Appsee, the myposter apps team can clearly determine the needs of their users, and build a shopping experience that fits them perfectly, all the while saving valuable time and resources.