The Weather Network Case Study

How The Weather Network uses Appsee to obtain key insights on user behavior, engagement, and retention.

Key Results


The Company

Pelmorex Weather Networks, a division of Pelmorex Corp., is a leading international provider of weather-related information services. It operates in North America, Europe, Latin America, India and Australia under the brands The Weather Network, MétéoMédia, and Clima. The Weather Network and its French counterpart MétéoMédia are Canada's most popular weather and information services on TV, web and mobile apps. Specifically, The Weather Network App is the number one weather app in Canada. It is especially known for its precise notifications, such as crucial weather warnings and public safety alerts, and delivers over one hundred thousand each month.

The Challenge

The Weather Network strives to keep their brand top of mind and drive deeper engagement in their app. They want to help users plan their day efficiently and deliver real time weather in a meaningful, personalized, and customizable way. A key tool in supporting those goals is the Weather Network’s Custom Notification Product. Based on user interest surveys and focus groups their Custom Notifications Product had high user interest, yet faced some challenges in terms of user adoption rates. The Weather Network mobile apps team were in need of an analytics tool that would help them see what elements were hindering user adoption of notifications and other user flows. They also wanted the ability to assess usability on a quantitative and qualitative level. This data would enable them to better understand their users’ experiences and optimize their app with the highest level of precision.

The Solution

Appsee’s qualitative mobile app analytics provided The Weather Network mobile apps team with a thorough understanding of how users were navigating through their app and interacting with their notifications tool. It also allowed them to see if their users encountered any usability issues during their journey.

With Appsee’s user recordings tool, they were able to visualize experiences of individual users and understand where users where dropping off in the notifications sign-up funnel. The Weather Network mobile apps team also employed Appsee’s touch heatmaps and UI analysis technology to uncover issues in the notification design layout and examine user selection preferences for their pop-ups.

This actionable user behavior data enabled them to better comprehend their users and make impactful iterations to their app. Some of the modifications they made to their app based off these insights included:

  • Adjusting their UX copy to include more affirmative language and clarify prompts
  • Reversing the order of notification of buttons to cater to user preferences
  • Modified the order of notification types
  • Simplified user sign-up process
  • Prioritized social sign-up

The Weather Network mobile apps team trusts Appsee to help them understand their users’ experiences and optimize their app with the highest level of precision.