From music, to ebooks, to live television, smartphones and tablets can offer users unlimited, fantastic entertainment. Yet when a user chooses to utilize their mobile device rather than a computer, book, or television, they expect their in-app user experience to be just as superb, if not flawless. Thus, if you have an entertainment app, you need to equip yourself with robust tools that allow you to truly track and fortify your app’s UX. With Appsee’s qualitative analytics, you can confidently monitor your UX and ensure that you are delivering the best entertainment experience possible. From subscription flow to streaming quality, Appsee can help you examine and optimize every aspect of your unique entertainment app.

Monitor and refine in-app personalization and customization

Boost streaming performance

Optimize subscription and login flows

Trinity Mirror

Appsee assists Trinity Mirror to optimize screen naviagation and achieve a 99%+ crash-free rate.

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