As a gaming app, you already know that you are in one of the most competitive, fast-paced verticals in the biz. If you fail to offer a stellar UX, today’s users will quickly abandon your app for another game. To keep up with (and surge ahead of) the rapidly exploding market, you have to go beyond analyzing your app with numerical data and dive deep into the experiences of your users. Appsee’s app analytics supplements numerical data, with invaluable qualitative data- data that enables you to see exactly how users are interacting with your app. This unique data also allows you to understand performance issues such as why a particular session has crashed. With the powerful actionable insights you can gather via Appsee, you can take your gaming app to fantastic new heights and dramatically boost your retention.

See exactly why and how your app crashed

Monitor and improve in-app ad experience

Boost in-app purchase conversions


Learn how Appsee helped JoyTunes increase user retention rates by 25%.

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