Utility & IoT

The art of “lifehacking” has been elevated to a whole new degree thanks to utility and IoT apps. What an exciting time that we live in that users can turn to their mobile devices to simply scan barcodes or control their home’s thermostat. Users have really come to depend on their mobile devices to simplify their daily lives, which means they also have very high expectations for any related apps. At Appsee, we understand that your app’s UX is the key determinant of the success of your utility or IoT app- that is why we offer powerful features, like user recordings and touch heatmaps, that enable you to truly see how users are engaging with your app. These qualitative tools empower you to examine in real-time the intuitiveness of your UI, performance of your functions, and unique user behaviors, to help you ultimately build and maintain the best app possible.

Pinpoint and resolve unresponsive gestures

Boost performance and retention

Optimize user flows within app and between integrations


Appsee assists Hudl to increase retention by 75% and decrease crash rate by over 60%.

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