SDK Documentation

Appsee Appcelerator (Android) Integration Instructions

  1. Download the latest Appsee module from the Appcelerator Marketplace.
  2. Install the module for usage within your project. For more details please see this guide.
  3. In your app.js add the following: var Appsee = require('com.appsee');
  4. Add the following line after your window has been initialized, using your API key:
    Appsee.start("YOUR API KEY"); You can view all your API keys in your dashboard (you need to register or login in order to get your API key).
  5. (Optional) Define your app screens using Appsee.startScreen() and add custom events using Appsee.addEvent(). see more in our SDK API.
  6. That's it, you're good to go!
    Launch your app, use it for a few seconds and click the "home" button.
    Visit the dashboard to view your first recording.