Appsee eBooks

Valuable resources for helping mobile app developers and publishers achieve success.

The Definitive Guide to Qualitative Analytics
In this guide, we will explain what exactly is qualitative analytics and how it can revolutionize the way you monitor and optimize your app.

The Ultimate SDK Guide for App Optimization
For this eBook, we have researched and assembled a core list of mobile app SDKs for every need of your app.

App Crash Research: Is your App below or above the Appsee Benchmark?
In this research, we will provide insightful crash rate benchmarks to help you gauge the performance status of your own app.

Using UX App Analytics To Refine Your App's Onboarding Experience
In this eBook, we will go over the importance of using visual mobile analytics to measure and optimize your onboarding experience and increase user retention.

Mobile UX Design: Top Mistakes to Avoid
Understand which top mobile UX design mistakes you should stay away from and why, in order to engage your users.

Key Metrics to Measure for Optimizing your App
We bring you the key metrics we identify as necessary to monitor, that will empower you to maximize your app's true potential.

Why Mobile App Testing is Important to Your App's Success
In this eBook, you'll learn why the success of your app relies on thorough testing in order to reveal the friction points in the mobile user experience.

The Path to your App's Success: Release, Analyze, Optimize, Repeat!
This eBook discusses the key steps to your app's success in the course of launching your app: release, analysis and optimization.