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Mobile App Growth Hacking

Mobile app growth hacking has made a huge shift in 2017. Learn why it's evolved and how you can apply this strategy to your own mobile app.

The Ultimate SDK Guide for Mobile Apps

For this eBook, we have researched and assembled a core list of mobile app SDKs for every need of your app.

The Complete KPI Handbook for Mobile Apps

In this handbook, you will receive a breakdown of the most important in-app KPIs you should measure for each phase of your app.

The Definitive Guide to Qualitative Analytics

In this guide, we will explain what exactly is qualitative analytics and how it can revolutionize the way you monitor and optimize your app.

Mobile UX Design: Top Mistakes to Avoid

Understand which app UX design mistakes you should avoid and why, in order to better engage your users.

App Crash Research: Is your app below or above the Appsee Benchmark?

This research provides insightful crash rate benchmarks to help you gauge your app's crash status.

Using UX App Analytics to Refine Your App's Onboarding Experience

Understand the importance of using visual app analytics to measure and optimize your app's onboarding flow.