The Path to your App's Success: Release, Analyze, Optimize, Repeat!

The success of your app relies heavily on how you go about every step of the process, from release to optimization.

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In this eBook we'll discuss:

  • How to prepare prior to releasing your app
  • How in-app analytics helps you gain insights for optimizing your app
  • The app optimization process


The key to your app's success is contingent upon how well and thorough you perform the different steps in the course of launching your app: release, analysis and optimization.

Pre Release

The most important part of your app's success is what you do BEFORE you release it; namely thoroughly testing it for bugs on as many physical devices you deem necessary. It involves testing it on as many different network configurations as possible to ensure smooth functional operation of your app. An integral component of mobile application testing is remote usability testing, which enables you to evaluate the user experience and identify UI problems. What should be going on pre-release at the same time of testing your app is the development of your app marketing strategy.


In order to ready your app for release to your target audience, you must create a package that is ready to install and run on their smart devices. You need to ensure that you conform to every detail of the respective app store guidelines and provide clear instructions with images where necessary.

Post Release

Monitor how many people have downloaded your app and make sure there are no show-stopping bugs reported by your users. Check the app store comments and the comments on sites where you promoted your app. In addition, there are plenty of free survey services out there you can use to get feedback from your target market.


Analyze the app using a visual Mobile Analytics tool, drilling down not only on the metrics but on the user experience and their behavior. Utilizing features as touch heatmaps you can learn where in your app your users are pinching, swiping and tapping. By studying user recordings, you get to see how users interact with your app via their eyes. By analyzing metrics presented to you in real-time, you get the numbers that will help you in the optimization process.

Optimize and Repeat

Optimization of your app is a continuous process and should be repeated. There are always different user interaction scenarios happening. A/B test different variations of your app to different users and analyze the results to reveal which version is most effective in achieving your specified goals, such as registration and in-app purchase. By bringing you detailed insights provided by visual mobile analytics in real-time, you will be able to make key decisions that will enhance the user experience and increase engagement and loyalty.