Mobile UX Design:
Top Mistakes to Avoid

Your Mobile UX design needs to STAND OUT in the app market.
Here are the top 5 mistakes to stay away from in order to keep your users happy.

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You're destined to create a great app, but before you venture off into app stardom, be aware there are common UX design mistakes that all developers make at some point or the other. The idea is to not only avoid them, but to know why. You'll be able to apply this in the long run to any app you develop. Eventually, you'll be able to do what you want without turning off your users.

Offering No Value with Forced Registration

Forcing users to register is frowned upon, especially when they get nothing in return for doing so. Make registration a thing that the user feels is natural. Perhaps engage them with content first. Connect with them. Give them something before asking for something.

Feature Overload

An app's mission is to make a user's life simple. Focus on what really matters. Present only the most necessary functionality. Now is definitely the time to think “Less is More”. Serve immediate needs. Nothing else.

Don't be a Stranger to your Audience

More than anywhere else, this is the place to get to know your audience. Intimately. Know what their pains are, what they like to read, what they don't. Do they belong to Generation X or Generation Y? These two groups see things through a radically different set of lenses. What is cool and hip to one group could be boring and annoying to another.

Gestures Should RESPOND

In designing your app to fit the multitude of devices that are out there, make sure you stay consistent with the types of gestures you implement. If there is another type of app that services your target market that is highly popular, try and stay in line with that app's gestures to get things done. Remember many gestures are still in their infancy. You don't want any surprises. Neither does your target audience.

First Time User Experience (Onboarding Experience)

This might sound like a task of impossible proportions. But, nothing is impossible. Bringing your users onboard when they interact with your app for the first, second and even third time is no easy feat. Designing the mobile user experience is something that takes time but with careful analysis, you will discover the friction points, refine and optimize as needed.

Via the use of in-app analytics, comprehensive understanding of how people interact with your app is within your grasp. Features such as user recordings and touch heatmaps empower you to see how your app is used through the eyes of your users. Identify the friction points, bumps in the road on the way to checkout, go back to the app drawing board refine, optimize and repeat.