What is Appsee?

Appsee is a powerful qualitative in-app analytics platform that enables you to measure, understand and improve the user experience in your native mobile apps (iOS + Android). With Appsee you'll be able to understand exactly how users interact with your apps, and act on the insights delivered by the Appsee mobile analytics platform.

How does Appsee work?

Appsee consists of a client side SDK, and a web dashboard. After integrating the Appsee SDK into your iOS or Android app you will be able to view all tracked data (usage reports, video recordings, heatmaps and visual reports) via Appsee's online web dashboard.

What are Appsee's key features?

Appsee's key features include user recordings, touch heatmaps and in-app analytics. You can get more details in the features section.

Which platforms does Appsee support?

Appsee supports the iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod apps) and Android platforms (phones and tablets). However, not all Android devices can support user recordings. To see which Android devices are supported for user recordings, please check Appsee's Android support page

Does Appsee show results in real-time?

Yes, the dashboard presents results in real-time. Sessions and video recordings will appear in the dashboard immediately after the session has completed.