How will Appsee affect my app's performance?

Appsee works with no impact on performance and user experience. Video recording is performed in a background process without impacting your app's responsiveness. Uploading is performed only when the app is minimized to the background (and by default on via a WiFi connection).

What is the average upload size of the recordings?

By default videos are only recorded and uploaded when the user is on a WiFi connection, but this setting can be changed from the online dashboard. The table below specifies the average upload size (per-minute) of video recordings for iOS and Android:

iOS Low Medium High
iPhone 100KB 150KB 350KB
iPad 200KB 300KB 700KB
Android Low Medium High
Phone 150KB 250KB 450KB
Tablet 300KB 500KB 800KB
What's the technical impact on performance?

iOS: 80KB to the final size of the app (IPA), ~20KB of RAM during runtime.

Android: 200KB to the final size of the app (APK). Method count (Android SDK): ~3,000 methods.