Does Appsee collect personal or sensitive user information?

No. Appsee's Terms of Use prohibits app publishers from tracking any personal or sensitive user information. Since Appsee cannot know which parts in your app contain personal or sensitive information, you must explicitly notify Appsee which parts in your app should be masked from tracking. In addition, Appsee automatically masks input fields, password fields, and camera views. For more information please see Appsee's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

How can sensitive information be masked from the recordings?

Appsee's client-side SDK contains various API calls that enable Appsee's customers to prevent tracking of personal or sensitive user information. In addition, you can blacklist or whitelist specific screens of your app through Appsee's dashboard UI. For more info please see this privacy tutorial.

Do I need to inform my users that their sessions may be recorded?

Yes, you do. As with any other third-party tracking SDK, and as stated in our Terms of Use, Appsee's customers must disclose the use of a third-party tracking service and must receive the end-user's explicit prior consent. The method of receiving the end user's consent is at your discretion.

What does it mean when you say Appsee “masks” something?

Appsee’s unique technology creates videos by assembling and encoding screenshots, and these screenshots create a fluid .mp4 video. When Appsee masks a screen or an element, it places a black box on that area’s (X, Y) coordinates when the screenshot is taken. When the screenshots are encoded into the video, they do not contain any of the data in the masked areas. The masking is performed on the client side by the Appsee SDK, and therefor no personal or sensitive information is never collected and stored on our platform.

Does Appsee record audio?

No. Appsee does not record audio.

Does Appsee adhere to the GDPR directive?

Appsee is fully committed to the GDPR. You can read more about our GDPR related actions on our dedicated GDPR section.

What if I have additional questions regarding privacy?

Please contact us at