Where is customer data stored?

All data is processed and stored on Amazon Web Services (USA).

How do I know that this data is secure?

Appsee has adopted the strictest security policies and procedures. Appsee's dedication to security is exhibited by our ISO 27001:2013 certification, the best-known standard for information and data security.
In addition, Appsee undergoes an annual information security audit and penetration test performed by an independent security firm. This penetration test uses rigorous and uncompromising methodologies to test Appsee’s entire infrastructure, utilizing a gray box approach, where the attackers are assumed to have some knowledge about the internals of the system. The penetration test is focused on information gathering, configuration, deployment management, authentication, authorization, session management, data validation, error handling, business logic and cryptographic testing.

Is the data encrypted?

All customer data is encrypted in transport via HTTPS protocol with a 2048-bit key. In addition, all data is encrypted at rest with a 256-bit key. All encryption keys are rotated regularly.