Realtime Alerts

Appsee offers you customizable alerts so you can stay on top of your important KPIs in an efficient manner. Each alert is in real time and contains a link to Appsee’s dashboard for further evaluation of the metric you are following. You can instantly be notified of any metric change, or for any individual session that fulfills a condition (such as a crash).
For example, you could use the Alerts feature to track:

  • Crash Alerts. Alert me any time my crash rate on the ‘My Cart’ screen exceeds 7%
  • Retention and Engagement Alerts. Alert me any time my daily users drops below 5,000
  • Funnel KPI Alerts. Alert me any time my ‘Create an Account’ completion rate drops below 60%

Additionally, you can choose to be alerted via several different channels, such as:

  • Email
  • Text (SMS)
  • Slack
  • Call a webook