Appsee vs. Simple App Analytics

While simple app analytics are great in providing numbers, they don’t reveal the full story. Appsee helps in understanding the reasons behind the numbers, while focusing on user behaviour. Appsee provides single session tracking, in addition to simple yet powerful reports based on aggregated data, and it's true power is the combination of the two. For example: you can see that 30% of users quit the app from a certain screen, and then drill down to the single sessions to understand why.

In addition, Appsee provides visual analytics (such as heatmaps) - and automatically tracks all events in the app - so you don't have to think what to track, and makes sure that no interesting data is missed.
Feature Simple App Analytics Appsee
Basic App Tracking (users, downloads, countries etc.)
Manual Events
Event Funnels
User Recordings
Single-session Tracking
Automatic Events
Crash Recordings
Crash Symbolication
Usability Analysis
UI Analysis (popups, menus, screen flows)
Conversion funnels analysis