Appsee vs. Classic App Analytics

As Jakob Nielsen so perfectly worded it, you must “pay attention to what users do, not what they say.” Ever since mobile apps began, their creators have been trying to understand what exactly their users are doing. This led to an entire industry that we call quantitative app analytics.

What is quantitative analytics? Put simply, this is the traditional form of analytics. It’s based on numbers, such as the “quantity” of actions, users, or other metrics. While numerical data is important, it only satisfies your number based inquiries. For example: You have no idea why your login screen has a quit rate of 50%, you only know half of your users are quitting.

This is where qualitative analytics platforms, like Appsee, fill the gap. Qualitative analytics will tell you the “why” and not only the “what”. Using features like user sessions recordings and touch heatmaps, you can see exactly what your user go through and optimize your app for better user experience. The better your UX is, the better your retention is, and the better you are able to reach your next level of success.