Realtime In-App Analytics

Using our advanced in-app analytics reports you will be able to get pinpoint insights regarding the behavior of your app's users. Learn exactly what it is your users are doing within your app and determine how to best optimize their user experience.
Appsee automatically detects your app's screens and records every gesture and action your users are making on each screen. With this, we are able to display all of the data in easy-to-understand visual reports.
Appsee's realtime in-app analytics reports help you see and understand why specific actions are performed by your users.
Some of the insights Appsee can provide you with include the following:
  • Where users spend most of their time within the app?
  • Which screens have a high quit rate?
  • Which screens contain a problematic or confusing UI?
  • What are the user flows between screens?
  • What are the top actions users are making in the screen?
Appsee’s unique analytics allow for a deeper understanding of how your apps’ UI is performing, a key factor in a positive UX. With UI analysis reports, we can show you how your users engage with every popup, menu, and form available in your app. All the data in Appsee is provided in real time.
In app analytics
In app analytics