Touch Heatmaps

Appsee records all touch gestures (taps, swipes, pinches) in each of your app's screens, and aggregates them into a visual “touch heatmap”. You can see where users are tapping, and find out which parts in your app screens users focus the most.
With Appsee's touch heatmaps you can understand:
  • Which parts of every screen are more interesting?
  • Which call to action buttons are being ignored?
  • Which features are used and which can be removed?
Find the obstructions in your user interface by seeing what parts in the app aren't getting taps, and what call to action buttons are being ignored.
Appsee tracks all the gestures within your app and will show you which gestures are performed in every screen. Appsee also detects which gestures did not trigger a response in the app, and will tell you, for example, that 30% of your users tried to tap on a UI element that looks like a button when it's actually just an image or a label.
Touch heatmap