User Recordings

User recordings are one of the cornerstones of qualitative app analytics. They give you the opportunity to see exactly what your users’ journey is in your mobile app. Every tap, swipe, and action of every screen is recorded, allowing you to gain instant insights of your app’s user experience. This feature enables you to tackle vital questions such as:

  • What makes users abandon the registration process?
  • Why do users only use the app once and never return?
  • Why is my app crashing?

Being able to watch videos of real user sessions means you can drill down to the heart of the problem. Even one video can illustrate an obstacle that many of your users are grappling with. That’s why you have complete control in terms of the ratio of recorded users. You can even choose to record sessions based on parameters such as which screens they visit, their demographics, or their mobile device OS.

The recording process occurs in the background and, because of Appsee’s lightweight SDK, has no noticeable effect on your app’s performance.