Metrics are just the tip of the iceberg- a lot lies beneath the surface. Appsee's mobile app analytics provides you with all the key metrics (DAU, CR, crash rates etc.) plus real-time insights on your user behavior.

Appsee User Recordings

User Recordings

Appsee's user recordings allow you to see your app through your user's eyes. They supply you with powerful user feedback on your app's UX and a complete picture of your user journeys. Appsee’s User Recordings analyze users on the single-user level and record all taps, swipes, and actions. Plus, with advanced, remote configuration capabilities, you can choose exactly which sessions will be video-recorded. By watching user recordings of real- time user sessions, you’ll have a clear, visual representation of what is “working” for your mobile app and what isn’t.

See and Understand:

  • Why are users not signing up?
  • Where are users becoming frustrated and abandoning a session?
  • Why are users not completing a purchase?


Appsee automatically tracks all touch gestures (taps,swipes, pinches etc.) and aggregates them into a touch heatmap for each screen in your app. Touch Heatmaps allow you to assess the effectiveness of your app’s UI and see where your users are focusing their attention. They can also help you detect unresponsive gestures on each screen and counterintuitive UI elements.

See and Understand:

  • Why are certain screens more popular than others?
  • Why are particular features not being used?
  • Which UI elements are worth removing?

Appsee Touch Heatmaps
Realtime App Analytics & Alerts


Obtain single-user and aggregate insights in realtime as soon as they happen. You can also monitor every metric change in your mobile app with Appsee alerts . Whether you prefer alerts via email, Slack, or SMS, keep track of your KPIs no matter where you are.

Popular Use Cases:

  • An Appsee email alert for when purchase funnel completion rate drops below 60 percent
  • An Appsee SMS alert for when crash rates exceed 5 percent
  • An Appsee slack alert for anytime a session length drops below 10 seconds

Conversion Funnels

Appsee enables you to easily track funnel conversion rates and discover the reasons for why users drop-off. You can also see the average completion time for each step and watch video recordings of users that completed or didn’t complete, a particular process. In addition, you can create ad-hoc funnels even after your new version release, without resubmitting to the app store.

Popular Use Cases:

  • Measure the average time between the step ‘View Login Screen’ and ‘Login Complete’ to
  • Watch user recordings of sessions where users dropped off between the ‘My Cart’ and ‘Purchase Complete’ screens to identify if they experienced any errors

Appsee Funnels
Appsee Action Cohorts


Action cohorts provide you with valuable information on how one in-app action relates to another. Plus, they reveal trends in user behavior and engagement over periods of time. With Appsee, you can also watch specific session recordings of users who did not complete a particular action.

Popular Use Cases:

  • Track the relation between a user’s 1st in-app purchase and 2nd in-app purchase
  • Track new user behavior with a cohort for the action of ‘Completed Onboarding’ and then 'Created an Account'


Our analytics are out of the box and do not require any pre-defining of events. Appsee automatically detects all screens, gestures and user actions in your app, saving you time and improving your workflow.

Appsee Automatic Events
Appsee Crash Recordings And Symbolication


Appsee automatically detects crashed sessions and provides crash video recordings along with symbolicated crash reports. You can watch a video of a crashed session to see the exact sequence of events that led to a crash. With this powerful data, you can recreate crashes easily and accurately. Appsee also groups similar crash issues together, so you can better understand the impact of every crash.

Popular Use Cases:

  • Monitor and view crash recordings directly after a new release to resolve crashes quickly.
  • Compare crashes across different devices and operating systems.
  • Share crash recordings with team members for easy communication.


With Appsee’s retention analytics you can see retention data such as how many new users you have, how many never returned, and how many returned the next day. You’ll also be able to see the frequency of their sessions and the average time in between sessions given a certain time bucket.

Popular Use Cases:

  • Use cohort analysis to identify a month, week, or day with poor retention and then investigate the cause with user recordings
  • Compare retention analytics across versions and devices

Appsee Retention Analytics
Appsee Users Flow


Appsee’s user flows feature gives you a big picture of how users are navigating within your app. With this tool, you’ll quickly understand where the majority of your users are making their way between your different screens. You can also drill down to a specific screen to unearth important statistics such as the number of sessions, impressions, and the corresponding inbound or outbound screens.


Appsee’s navigation path sunburst allows you to quickly understand and isolate user’s journeys through your app. You can then populate a list of sessions that took a selected path, and watch videos of these sessions. Assess the most and least common navigation paths your users take and how you can improve them.

Popular Use Cases:

  • Identify user journeys that show user confusion (e.g. navigation back and forth between two screens)
  • Identify critical journeys that are ending prematurely with a crash or ‘Quit App’
  • Understand the effect of popups on user navigation

Appsee Navigation Paths
Appsee ANR Analytics


‘Application Not Responding’ (ANR) is a state in which the app is frozen and does not respond to any user input. Appsee detects app freezes that last more than five seconds and shows these both on an individual session level and within screen-level aggregated reports. With Appsee's ANR analytics you can quickly identify which screens have ANR issues, watch ANR session recordings, manage their status (resolved/closed), and add comments for team members, just as you can with crash issues.


Track and edit your online sessions with more ease and efficiency. With Appsee’s offline tracking, you can select in advance which specific tracking settings should be applied to offline sessions. Appsee can store settings from the latest online sessions on-device and reuse them for future offline sessions. You can also download predefined “fallback” settings.

Appsee Offline Tracking
Appsee Setup


All these high-caliber features can be found in one, lightweight SDK. Appsee's SDK is extremely easy to integrate. All it takes is one simple line of code and less than five minutes of your time. If you have a Fabric account, you can also integrate with just the click of a button.