Appsee's Adherence to the GDPR

A detailing of Appsee's intiatives for complete GDPR compliance.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a crucial piece of European legislation that was created to synchronize data privacy laws across Europe, increase transparency, and ultimately empower EU citizens.

The GDPR applies to all companies, including Appsee, that process personal data of individuals residing in the EU.

This regulation is active as of May 25th, 2018.

Appsee's industry-leading app analytics revolves around privacy and security. Every aspect of our product was built with these two elements in mind. It is also of the utmost priority that we continue to enforce and enhance these elements as the industry adapts and evolves.

The GDPR is no exception. Appsee has taken certain, extensive steps in order to prepare for this important legislation.

Below, you can find an exact detailing of the measures we have taken to ensure full GDPR compliance.

Appsee's GDPR Checklist

  • Appointing an EU Representative. Complete - Verasafe is Appsee's official EU representative.
  • Rewriting the relevant sections in Appsee's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy that might be impacted by GDPR. Complete
  • Implementing the required changes to our internal processes and procedures required to achieve and maintain compliance with GDPR. Complete
  • Reviewing policies of all our vendors. Complete
  • Certification via the EU-US & Swiss-US Privacy Shield, enabling companies to process EU information in the USA. Complete
  • Appointing a Data Protection Officer. Complete
  • User opt-in and opt-out function. Complete
  • Implementing an internal procedure to delete all user data on file, if requested. Complete
  • Composing a Data Processing Agreement Complete
  • Adding functionality for users to request all their data is deleted through your app. Complete

If you have any questions or data protection agreements that you would like us to review, please contact your Customer Success Manager or email

To review Appsee's full Privacy Policy, click here.