3rd Party Integrations

With this high-caliber integration, you will be able to utilize Adobe’s advanced segmentation and reporting capabilities with Appsee’s user recordings.

Take your Adobe Marketing Cloud reports to the next level.

Filter User Recordings by Adobe Data

See exactly how specific users experience your app.

Visualize Funnel User Behavior

Discover why users are dropping off your funnels and optimize effectively.

Understand Exactly Why Users Leave Your App

Identify areas in your app that need improvement and boost retention.


Follow the steps bellow to enable this integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Step 1:
Login to your Appsee account and copy the Adobe authentication token. You can see you
authentication token in the “Integrations” section in your Appsee account management console

Step 2:
Login to your Adobe Marketing Cloud dashboard and install the Appsee data connector. Input the authentication token you copied in the previous step to the “Appsee Auth Token” field.

Step 3:
Select unused eVars for “Appsee ID” and “Appsee User URL” parameters. Please make sure that these eVars have been set to “Never Expire” as seen below:

Step 4:
Activate the data connector

Code Integration


Add the following code to your AppDelagate's didFinishLaunchingWithOptions method, or in the code section where you initialize your Adobe integration:

NSString* appseeId = [Appsee generate3rdPartyID:@"Adobe" persistent:YES];
NSDictionary *data = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:[NSString
stringWithFormat:@"https://dashboard.appsee.com/3rdparty/adobe/%@", appseeId],
@"Appsee.UserUrl", appseeId, @”Appsee.UserId”];
[ADBMobile trackAction:@"AppseeId" data:data];


Add this to the main activity's onCreate method, or in the code section where you initialize your Adobe integration:

String appseeId = Appsee.generate3rdPartyId("Adobe", true);
HashMap<String, Object> data = new HashMap<String, Object>();
data.put("Appsee.UserUrl", "https://dashboard.appsee.com/3rdparty/adobe/" + appseeId);
data.put("Appsee.UserId", appseeId);
Analytics.trackAction("AppseeId", data);

Filtering Appsee Sessions with Adobe Segments

After installing the data connector and competing the integration steps, you can now filter your Appsee sessions with your existing app related Adobe Segments.
To do so, you will need to tag the relevant Adobe Segments with the “Appsee” tag.

In the Adobe Marketing Cloud dashboard, select a relevant segment, add the “Appsee” tag, and save the segment (as seen below):

After tagging the relevant segments, you will be able to filter sessions in the Appsee dashboard with your Adobe Segments (as seen below). It will take the segments up to 24 hours to synchronize.

Viewing Appsee Recordings URLs in the Adobe Dashboard

After installing the data connector you can include the “Appsee.UserUrl” field in your custom reports. Once you’ll click on a specific user row you will see his user recordings in the Appsee dashboard. In addition you can apply additional Adobe segments to refine the filter.

For example, clicking on “Appsee User 525fc1ad” will open query in the Appsee dashboard will show all of the recordings for this user (see screenshot below):

If you have any questions regarding this integration, please contact us.