Appsee Optimizely Integration



Integrating Appsee and Optimizely will enable you to better understand your Optimizely A/B tests with the power of Appsee's user recordings and touch heatmaps.
You'll be able to visualize how users interact with every test variation and use the insights delivered by Appsee to achieve better results with your A/B tests.
To start using the integration you will need to enable Optimizely in your Appsee dashboard. To do that, login to your Appsee account, and open the account management console. Select the "Integrations" tab and enable the Optimizely integration.
iOS Implementation
  1. Download AppseeOptimizelyExtension.framework file and add it to your XCode project.
  2. In your app delegate add the following import:
    #import <AppseeOptimizelyExtension/AppseeOptimizelyExtension.h>
  3. Add the following calls in this exact order to your application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions method:
    [Appsee start:@"YourAppseeApiKey"];
    [AppseeOptimizelyExtension install];
    [Optimizely startOptimizelyWithAPIToken: @"YourOptimizelyApiKey" launchOptions:launchOptions];
Android Implementation
  1. Download appsee-optimizely-extension.jar file and add it to your Android project.
  2. In your main activity add:
    import com.appsee.extensions.optimizely;
  3. Add the following calls in this exact order to the onCreate method:
    Optimizely.startOptimizelyWithAPIToken("YourOptimizelyApiKey", getApplication());

Analyzing Results

The code integration will automatically tag every screen in the Appsee dashboard with the relevant Optimizely experiment data.
Screens that contain an active Optimizely experiment will be automatically renamed in the Appsee dashboard and will include the experiment's name and the variation name.
This will enable you to:
  • Filter user recordings to watch recordings for specific experiment and variation
  • Analyze touch heatmaps for every screen variation
  • Create conversion funnels for every variation, to analyze how users advance through the funnel for every test variation

If you have questions regarding the Optimizely integration please contact us.