3rd Party Integrations

Thanks to Appsee's integration with Slack, you can now have crash and metric change alerts sent directly to your Slack team. Each update is in real-time and will contain a relevant link to the percentage or absolute value in question.

Never miss a single crash or KPI update again.

Funnel KPI Alerts

Get precise notifications for any change in funnel completion rates.

Ex: Alert me any time my checkout funnel completion rate drops below 70%.

Crash Alerts

Set up a variety of crash notifications, such as crashes on specific screens or overall daily rates.

Ex: Alert me any time my crash rate on the 'Login' screen exceeds 5%.

Retention & Engagement Alerts

Monitor key retention and user engagement metrics in real time.

Ex: Alert me any time a session length drops below twenty seconds.


Follow the steps bellow to enable this integration with Slack.

1. Define an alert within the Appsee dashboard:

2. Add to Slack and approve permissions:

3. Receive specific, real-time alerts on practically any change in your app: