iOS Mobile App Analytics

iOS Mobile App Analytics

Why You Need iOS App Analytics

With so many Apple devices available, there are multiple opportunities for your app to get downloaded. The problem is that your app is one of over a million available on the App Store. You need your app to stand out, and to achieve that you need to make sure it is optimized to the fullest so your users have no reason to turn away.
App analytics are necessary for understanding what your users are doing and for detecting problems in your app. Without integrating app analytics into your app, you will not be aware of the problems and as result you will not know how to improve your app. It is, essentially, entering the app world blindly and without guidance.
If you would like to understand why your users are doing what they are doing, visual app analytics are an absolute must.
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Why You Need VISUAL iOS App Analytics

Appsee's visual app analytics solution offers in-depth insights into user experience (UX) and behavior, which traditional analytics solutions do not, since their primary focus is on key metrics. The ability to see how users interact with your app via visual iOS analytics reveals precisely what is working and what is problematic with your app and can smooth the optimization process for improving UX.
Our realtime in-app analytics and touch heatmaps allow you to dive into user behavior by seeing where app users are tapping/swiping/pinching in any screen and find out which parts of your app garner the most attention. User recordings allow you to watch actual user sessions and see every action taken within the app, how it is navigated from screen to screen, and where the problems are.
App analytics for iOS may determine the longevity of your app. Faulty user interface (UI) or a technical glitch can lead to bad UX, which may result in abandonment of the app by your users.
Delivering optimized UX by utilizing visual app analytics will improve your retention rates, as well as increase your conversions and in-app monetization. Moreover, users who have had a positive user experience are more likely to spread the word by giving high rankings and good reviews in the Apple App Store.

Appsee for iOS: The Details

Appsee Apple app analytics has support for all devices for the iPad and iPhone that has iOS 5.0 and above. For a complete list of iOS platforms supported, see here.