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Appsee Adds Crash Symbolication for iOS apps

Appsee Adds a Feature for iOS Revealing the Code That Caused Your App Crash

Oct 22, 2014

Appsee, a leading visual mobile analytics solution, has added a new feature to its repertoire of insightful capabilities for iOS: Crash Symbolication.

Crash Symbolication is now available for iOS, providing app developers the ability to reproduce the crash and understand what caused it.

By analyzing the symbolicated crash reports, companies will streamline the process of correcting the crashes, saving time and effort for the R&D team. This will facilitate the immediate improvement of the apps for their users.

With the Appsee SDK version 2.1 or above, a simple dSYM upload to the online dashboard interface will grant users access.

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Appsee allows app publishers and developers to deliver the best possible customer and user experience in their mobile apps by providing them with a complete understanding of user behavior. Thousands of companies across numerous industries rely on Appsee's SaaS-based mobile analytics platform to provide crucial real-time insights needed to maximize app optimization while increasing engagement, retention and in-app monetization opportunities.

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