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Appsee Partners with Twitter – Joins Fabric's Toolkit for Creating the Best Apps

By combining forces with Fabric, Appsee UX Analytics will allow developers to easily harness its unique UX features and deeply assess the user behaviors within their apps

Dec 8, 2015

Appsee, the leading app UX analytics platform that assists companies to deliver an optimized app experience, announced today its partnership and integration with Fabric by Twitter, an innovative developer toolset focused on tackling the variety of challenges that app developers encounter when creating an app. Fabric aims to do expedite the SDK research process for developers by thoughtfully selecting the most fundamental and top-rated SDKs for the best app creation and optimization, and organizing them into a neat toolset. Appsee is Fabric’s esteemed selection for app UX analytics and optimization.

Appsee Fabric Integration

"Appsee’s ultimate mission is to help app makers deliver the best UX possible, and in effect, increase user retention, conversions and in-app monetization”, says Zahi Boussiba, CEO and Co-Founder of Appsee. “Fabric sees our SDK as a necessary step towards creating the best in-app experience and we are very excited to see developers utilize our analytics via this unique partnership".

Appsee Brings to Fabric a Deeper Understanding of UX and User Behavior
It can be extremely challenging to accurately measure and understand app user behavior through mountains of quantitative data. With Appsee’s unparalleled User Recordings, Touch Heatmaps and Real-Time In-App Analytics, developers can see their app through their users' eyes, clearly visualize the user experience and improve the app optimization process. These features provide valuable qualitative and quantitative insights that assist with troubleshooting user experience issues and thoroughly understanding why users take certain actions.

Now thanks to Fabric, developers can easily install Appsee’s UX Analytics SDK and access these unique features via a simple one-click installation. Appsee's SDK, together with the other SDKs provided within Fabric, will ultimately allow app developers to streamline the range of processes required for a successful app development.

“We are very excited to extend our investment in Appsee and be part of a company that we believe will significantly change the way publishers build their apps," said Zvika Schechter, General Partner at Giza VC. "The mobile analytics space is ripe for innovation and Appsee's unique platform is a true differentiator in a competitive industry."

About Appsee
Appsee allows app publishers and developers to deliver the best possible customer and user experience in their mobile apps by providing them with a complete understanding of user behavior. Thousands of companies across numerous industries rely on Appsee's SaaS-based mobile analytics platform to provide crucial real-time insights needed to maximize app optimization while increasing engagement, retention and in-app monetization opportunities.

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