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Appsee Introduces a User Retention Feature for App Optimization

A New Feature to Help Companies Understand How Users Value their App

Jun 5, 2014

Appsee, a provider of visual mobile analytics, introduces a new feature, User Retention, allowing app developers and publishers to see how often users of their app return to use it in any given timeframe.

With user retention becoming a key metric on which app developers and publishers focus since it directly impacts their bottom line, monitoring the amount of returning and active users has become a necessity. Appsee created this feature that allows developers to track the frequency in which users return to use their apps over their preselected timeframe, and presents that data visually using cohort analysis. The cohort analysis chart provides clarity into the success of an app and allows companies to understand whether an app conforms to users’ needs and expectations.

Some of the functionality that comes along with this feature includes:

• Detailed Retention Statistics
• In-Depth Session Frequency
• Retention Cohort Analysis

Pinpointing the problem areas in an app that lead to drop-offs is a vital step in holding on to users and growing a user base, which is critical for companies to increase engagement and create a steady stream of app revenue.

About Appsee
Appsee allows app publishers and developers to deliver the best possible customer and user experience in their mobile apps by providing them with a complete understanding of user behavior. Thousands of companies across numerous industries rely on Appsee's SaaS-based mobile analytics platform to provide crucial real-time insights needed to maximize app optimization while increasing engagement, retention and in-app monetization opportunities.

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