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New Appsee Capabilities Provide Insights into Top In-App User Actions

Enables App Developers and Publishers to Quickly See and Analyze Top User Behaviors Taken in Every App Screen.

Dec 11, 2014

Appsee, a leading mobile analytics solution that enables companies to measure, understand, and optimize the user experience (UX) in their apps, today announced a new feature, Top User Actions.

Now with the Top User Actions capability, Appsee automatically tracks and displays top user actions on every app screen, even if the events for tracking these actions have not been pre-defined. Developers using Appsee’s UI Analysis simply need to select the specific screen to see an aggregate report of what most app users are doing on that screen. For example, a developer might learn that:

- 22% entered data into the first text field
- 18% tapped the “done” button
- 15% selected an item from a dropdown list

Top User Actions can also be also included as a step within the Appsee Conversion Funnel. Conversion Funnels enable Appsee customers to measure the conversion rates between each step of relevant processes, which can shed light on why a specific business goal – "register," "click for more info," or "buy now" – succeeds or fails.

Availability and Supported Devices
Appsee's Top User Actions feature is available immediately and supported by the Appsee SDK v2.1 and above.

About Appsee
Appsee allows app publishers and developers to deliver the best possible customer and user experience in their mobile apps by providing them with a complete understanding of user behavior. Thousands of companies across numerous industries rely on Appsee's SaaS-based mobile analytics platform to provide crucial real-time insights needed to maximize app optimization while increasing engagement, retention and in-app monetization opportunities.

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