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With $1M in Funding, Appsee Enables App Developers and Publishers to Gain Real Insight Into Their Users

Appsee Is The World’s First Mobile Analytics Platform That Provides Developers With A Complete Understanding Of User Behavior By Tracking And Measuring The Experience With All The Best Tools To Optimize Mobile Apps For Success

Oct 21, 2013

Appsee, the comprehensive in-app iOS analytics platform that automatically measures mobile app user experience, is announcing the public launch of its new platform. Formerly UserVOD, Appsee is newly named to accompany its redesigned, fully stocked platform. With $1 Million in funding, the service assists in increasing engagement and retention by offering single session tracking and recording, aggregated in-app analytics, automatic events, UI analysis, touch heatmaps, and more. Optimizing the user experience will lead to improved ratings for mobile apps, and increase key metrics, such as user engagement, conversion rates, and app monetization.

Many times companies analyze their apps according to traditional metrics, such as number of downloads, number of daily users, and number of daily sessions, without understanding the full reasoning behind these figures. With numerous analytics platforms only having a narrow set of app analytics tools that track and analyze these metrics, there is no true method in place for understanding user behavior. Typically developers must manually choose the measures they want to check, platforms do not usually identify and track everything automatically.

Appsee offers a new approach to understand user experience and behavior, using a full suite of mobile analytics all in one platform they track and measure the complete user experience. Hundreds of apps are already using Appsee’s platform, including British Gas, My Supermarket, AppsFire, Onavo, and eToro. The Appsee platform is incredibly intuitive and easy to use, providing attractive visual reports. Developers only need to add the Appsee SDK and integrate a single line of code to use the platform. Once incorporated into the app, every screen visited, button tapped, and gesture performed is automatically tracked and stored for analysis.

Developers are able to access Appsee’s online dashboard to gain the complete picture of aggregated sessions or focus on a single user experience. All sessions are tracked within the system and can be filtered across multiple variables, some of the most helpful filters being crash sessions, first time users, and churned users. Once a problem or data point of interest is recognized from the aggregated reports, developers are able to watch a single user session to fully understand what took place and make improvements.

Aside from the useful insights, Appsee is an intelligent analytics tool that automatically detects UI and usability problems and suggests fixes. User video recording is an optional feature, which developers can enable according to the percent of sessions they want to film. All actions are tracked whether or not a session is video recorded. Recordings can be set to track and upload when users are on a Wi-Fi connection, so data usage is a non-issue and has no performance impact on the app.

Additional features include:
• User Recordings – Capture & replay every screen, tap, swipe, and action
• Touch Heatmaps – Record and aggregate all touch gestures into a visual heatmap
• In-App Analytics – Generate visual reports of key user insights and behavior
• Remote Configuration – Control the sessions to video-record
• Conversion Funnels – Measure and analyze conversion rates
• Crash Recordings – Automatic crash detection and session recording

About Appsee
Appsee allows app publishers and developers to deliver the best possible customer and user experience in their mobile apps by providing them with a complete understanding of user behavior. Thousands of companies across numerous industries rely on Appsee's SaaS-based mobile analytics platform to provide crucial real-time insights needed to maximize app optimization while increasing engagement, retention and in-app monetization opportunities.

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