Customer Testimonials

"Appsee has been a critical tool for us here at Marketo. It’s one of the few products that product management, UX and engineering all love to use."

Arjun Nair

Arjun NairSenior Product Manager, Marketo

"With Appsee we were able to discover the biggest frustration points in our mobile app. Appsee helped us create a great user experience for our customers."

Jeff Novich

Jeff NovichMobile Product Manager

"The in-depth UX analytics provided by Appsee has greatly helped us to build a better App. Their support channels are excellent, offering assistance and guidance when called upon."

Nick Glenday

Nick GlendayApplications Manager, VPAR

"With Appsee, we have the complete set of tools to help us understand our users. It's amazing how much can a single video tell you about the usability issues in your app. It's a must-have tool for every app developer."

Yoni Tsafir

Yoni TsafirApp Developer, JoyTunes

"Appsee is the best and most innovative analytics tool that I know. The fact that you can visually follow the users through videos creates a much better understanding of user paths, where they get bored and where they struggle."

Lasse Clausen

Lasse ClausenFounder & CEO of FOUNDD

"It's just an amazing and powerful platform. We use it all the time to improve our flows and pages. Usability testing in a natural environment is extremely difficult. Appsee allows us to understand what the user experience is when he's using the app and delivers priceless insights."

Lior Gerson

Lior GersonHead of Mobile, mySupermarket