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Protecting Users' Privacy

Our terms of service require app publishers to hide all sensitive user information (this can be done with a simple method call). In addition, Appsee automatically hides sensitive information such as password fields and camera views.

If your app contains sensitive user information which is not an input field, you will need to actively hide it. Our SDK contains a special call for blocking out a specific element.

Please refer to our markViewAsSensitive api call (iOS, Android). With this call you'll be able to block out a specific element in your app from being tracked / recorded.

If your app is not a native UI Kit app, you can simply call the pause() method to block out the recording once the user enters a sensitive area, and resume() once the user leaves the sensitive area. For more details see our SDK API Reference for iOS or Android.

Remote Configuration

On top of the API calls available in the Appsee SDK, the account owner can utilize two methods of dealing with PII:
  • Blacklisting screens - This method will block ONLY the screens that are chosen by the account owner.
  • Whitelisting screens - This method will block ALL screens from being visible except those chosen by the account owner.

To use either of the two methods, please navigate to: Settings > Video Recording > Advanced Settings > Sensitive Data Collection and utilize either “Capture Only These Screens” or “Don't Capture These Screens” for whitelisting or blacklisting respectively (see screenshot below).

If you have any questions regarding privacy please contact us.