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Configuring Video Recording Settings

By default Appsee will video record ~10% of your app users that use the app via WiFi. However you can control both the recording ratio and the recording/upload settings.

To configure the video recording settings, navigate to the 'Settings' section (left menu) on your online dashboard to review the different configuration options.
Enable Video Recording
Enables / disables the video recording. Disabling the video recordings means that Appsee will continue tracking all user sessions, but they won't be video-recorded.
Video Quality
The quality of the video recordings will imapct the vieweing quality of the video file, and will impact the upload size from the device. The recommended recording quality is "Medium". To review the upload size for different qualities please visit our performance FAQ.

Video Recording Policy

Video Recording Ratio
This is the ratio of users that will be video recorded. This setting is "sticky", once a user was selected to be video recorded, all of his sessions will be video recorded. If you update the recording ratio, then Appsee will reset the recording ration settings for all users, and will re-select a new subset of users to be recorded.
Appsee is now offering Advanced Recording Conditions which will allow you to make sure that the crucial information and required sessions are indeed recorded based on multiple conditions that you set up.
A session will be recorded if it adheres to at least one of recording conditions ('OR'). Within a single condition, only sessions that adhere to all sub-conditions will be recorded ('AND'). For each condition, you can choose to record all users, or only ones that are selected in the 'Recorded Users Sampling Ratio' defined above.

There are a few options when creating a new condition:
Users to Record:
  • Sampled Users - Dependant on the Recorded Users Ratio.
  • All users - Sample from all users.

Upload Policy:
  • Record & Upload on WiFi only - This policy forces the session to only be recorded if a WiFi connection was available at the beginning of the session and uploads the session only if a WiFi connection is present during upload.
  • Record Always & Upload on WiFi - Sessions are always recorded but are uploaded only when a WiFi connection is available.
  • Always Record & Upload - Sessions are always recorded and uploaded both on WiFi and cellular connections.

  • Devices - Only record sessions from specific devices and/or manufacturers.
  • OS Versions - Only record sessions from specific OS versions.
  • App Versions - Only record sessions from specific app versions (a good way to avoid recording old versions of your app).
  • Countries - Only record sessions from specific countries.
  • Sessions - Only record sessions from the first session/first N sessions/sessions N1 through N2 for every user (good for understanding the onboarding process of your app).
  • Events - Only upload videos of sessions that contained all selected events. Given events can also be matched by properties. Here you are also able to tell Appsee to upload only crashed sessions videos.
  • Screens - Only upload videos of sessions that contained all given screens.
  • App User IDs - Only upload videos of sessions by matching user IDs.
    Please note this is User ID rather than user index. The former is supplied by you while the latter is assigned by Appsee.

Please note that the last three conditions are based on data that is acquired at the end of a session while the rest are based on data that is known before the session starts.
As such, you will be able to set the last three conditions only after some sessions have been recorded.