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Configuring Video Recording Settings

By default Appsee will video record ~10% of your app users that use the app via WiFi. However you can control both the recording ratio and the recording/upload settings.

To configure the video recording settings, navigate to the 'Settings' section (left menu) on your online dashboard to review the different configuration options.
Enable Video Recording
Enables / disables the video recording. Disabling the video recordings means that Appsee will continue tracking all user sessions, but they won't be video-recorded.
Video Recording Ratio
This is the ratio of users that will be video recorded. This setting is "sticky", once a user was selected to be video recorded, all of his sessions will be video recorded. If you update the recording ratio, then Appsee will reset the recording ration settings for all users, and will re-select a new subset of users to be recorded.
Video Quality
The quality of the video recordings will imapct the vieweing quality of the video file, and will impact the upload size from the device. The recommended recording quality is "Medium". To review the upload size for different qualities please visit our performance FAQ.